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Services for the Global Ag Industry

About Us

We are Agrality. We focus on providing excellent services for the global agribusiness community, in particular, for the research, development, pre-commercial and commercial sectors, delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of the industry. Our operations in both hemispheres, encompassing domestic and counter-season projects in Argentina and the United States, allow the arrival of our clients’ products to the market and the acceleration of production cycles.

Founded in 2016, we are positioned as the second company in hybrid seed production services in Argentina. Since 2020, we have been part of the Bioceres Tech Services portfolio, the arm of the Bioceres Group dedicated to R&D (research and development) services and high-quality seed production.

We perform field, plant, greenhouse and laboratory activities, aiming at satisfying the needs of our clients in the areas of research and product development, which include seeds and biotechnological projects, biological inputs, nutrition solutions and crop protection, as well as in the supply chain, through pre-commercial and commercial seed production solutions.

We work with modern technology, professional equipment, and machinery, which meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that we reach or exceed our clients’ in-house operations. Working with Agrality is like working with an extension of your own company.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to assist our customers with research and development of their agricultural products: from proof of concept and product development, products approval and/or registration in pre-commercial stage to the launch of the commercial products.

Together with our R&D company, INDEAR, we provide state-of-the-art R&D services that contribute to the process of product and technology development, for the agricultural sector. We offer the most advanced agricultural biotechnology platforms in Latin America, along with our extensive experience and proven track record, which attract research groups of recognized experience seeking to accelerate their technological discoveries.

We own two large production areas in Argentina, both in the province of Buenos Aires: the core area, located in Salto, Rojas and Chacabuco, where corn seeds, sorghum, soybeans and wheat are produced; and the southern zone, in Coronel Suarez and Coronel Pringles, where corn and sunflower are produced.

Both zones account for a capacity of 3,400 acres for the production of commercial seed and 250 acres for the production of 110 isolated lots of foundation seed, while the production of corn, sunflower and sorghum is carried out 100% under irrigation.

Agrality / Indear

Biotechnology Services

Plant Tranformation and Tissue Culture 

  • Genetic transformation of Soybean, Alfalfa, Corn, Safflower and Arabidopsis
  • In Vitro tissue culture
  • Clonal multiplication and microprogation
  • Production of haploid, double haploid and polyploid lines
  • Generation advance of GM events
  • Efficacy trials in greenhouse
  • Molecular characterization of GM crops
  • Gene editing
  • Special projects

Molecular Biology

  • Final time PCR and real time PCR transgenes detection
  • Zygosity analysis
  • Indels detection by HRM (High Resolution Melting)
  • SNPs detection by endpoint genotyping
  • Number of transgene copies determination by Southern blot
  • Flanking sequences identification or determination
  • Stability and segregation analysis
  • Transgene expression analysis

Breeding & Field Testing

  • Crossing and introgressions
  • Efficacy field trials in breeding chamber, greenhouse and field
  • Comparative performance trials
  • Environmental safety field trials
  • Seed and grain increases
  • Seed classification at pilot level
  • Other trials: Doses/response studies
  • Special projects

Seed Processing & Conditioning

  • Drying
  • Sizing
  • Treating
  • Bagging
  • Cold storage
  • Logistics

Regulatory Affairs

  • Pre-submission regulatory advice
  • Applications for conducting regulated field trials
  • Writing and submission of deregulation dossiers
  • Writing of technical reports
  • Management of bio-informatics, compositional, nutritional, toxicological and functional studies
  • Verification of regulatory status of products obtained with new breeding techniques
  • Post-submission regulatory support required for commercial approval
  • Special projects

Seed Production

  • Field Production
  • Regulatory Field Trials
  • Ear Drying
  • Quality Seeds Labs
  • Seed Conditioning, Treating and Bagging
  • Shipping & Exports Logistics
  • Warehouse & Cold Storage

Our Locations

With operations in both North and South America, we can provide a continuous, year- long solution, to help expedite the process of product development.

Locations in USA

North Dakota
Arthur, Carrington, Emerado, Grafton, Kindred, Mantador, Portland

Breckenridge, Crookston

Brookston, Delphi, Lafayette, Lebanon, Fort Branch, Nappanee, Yorktown


Locations Agrality USA

Locations in Argentina

Buenos Aires
América, Balcarce, Bordenave, Carmen de Areco, Coronel Suarez, Junin, Chillar, Ferre, Salto, Napaleoufu, Pergamino, Quiroga, 9 de Julio, Trenque Lauquen, Tres Arroyos

Arias, Bengolea, Chalacea, Gral Cabrera, Hernando , Villa del Totoral, Jesús María, Alejandro Roca, Manfredi, General Baldisera, Monte Buey, Río Primero, Tosquita, Vicuña Mackenna

Berón de Astrada, Saladas, Bella Vista

Entre Ríos
Viale, Victoria

Las Lajitas, Metan

San Luis

Santa Fe
Coronel Bogado, Rafaela, Rufino, San Justo, Sargento Cabral, San Jorge, Roldán


Locations Agrality Argentina

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